Thursday, 17 November 2016

Wed 23 Nov 2016

Neighbour consultation deadline Wed 23rd Nov 2016

Objection letter:
We have had several queries around petitions and or template objection letters. It is thought that a considered and personal letter carries more weight than repetitive stock letters. You can object through the planning portal here.

Remember the council will only take into account 'material planning considerations' when looking at your comments. So no perceived depreciation of property value.

💡 Tips:

  • Stay on topic and be clear and straight to the point, if it is evidence based then include the evidence or reference it.
  • Don't add too many points as this may dilute the main objections, you may be better to list these as a side note.
  • Make it personal - its about you, its your objection / concern, your viewpoint relative to you.
  • Don't forget to actually "object", a lovely rational is great but you must remember to object!
  1. Previous planning decision in 2013 (not that long ago) rejected the same application, nothing has changed here.
  2. There is nothing that constitutes a "very special circumstance" to warrant incursion into a well wooded and matured greenbelt.
  3. The risk, it is real considering the nature of the applicants business - flammable fuel storage and distribution.
The application can be viewed online at
Please object to or to Mr Steve France, Durham County Council, Planning Development (North), Room 4/86-102, County Hall, Durham, DH1 5UL. Re:DM/16/03333/FPA                            

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